Pukka-j PACS

The Pukka-j PACS solution can act as a complete ‘end to end’ solution for community based,  diagnostic imaging services, an independent image management,  archiving solution or a VNA. It is a powerful, comprehensive solution for consolidating healthcare imaging data from a fully scalable, multiple environmental, cost effective independent repository. The PACS supports all types of healthcare imaging formats and preserves data in a non proprietary format, by adhering to industry standard DICOM, HL7 and IHE profiles for all ‘ologies’ including but not limited to; Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology, Ophthalmology and Medical Photography, scanned documentation and imaging reports. The Pukka-j PACS features advanced IT solutions, services and tools to connect and communicate the data between systems and to allow the system to be tailored precisely to meet the needs for each healthcare provider.


  • Diagnostic Image Review
  • Image Archive DICOM Store
  •  Highly searchable and fully scalable database
  • PacsNOTE to associate scanned documentation with patient image study folder
  • Open standards allows solution to be scaled up or out to
  • Acts as a Vendor Neutral Archive or integrates with an existing VNA
  • Supports  N3 and IEP