Multi-Slice CT

Project Description

Pukka-j dedicated modality specific multi-slice CT image store intelligently handles large quantities of generated data which typically coexists and compliments an existing PACS. The size of image store is unlimited in size and is determined by a hospital’s or organisation’s expected data output across X years. Each image store is custom built to reflect a hospital’s expected cases. By default the Pukka-j Image Store applies a lossless compression to all stored data providing a conservative 2:1 saving on disk capacity. Every 1TB disc provides least 2TB’s of data. The image store features an option for an online data backup via a secondary store where it is highly recommended for the back-up store to be located in a separate location from the primary store. The image stores can be configured to mirror data from one store to another to allow primary and backup services to be replicated at multiple locations and ideally situated close by to the imaging modalities. Pukka-j’s image scheduler tool is often applied to permit CT images to be transferred across busy networks within quiet hours.

Project Details

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