Pukka-j’s proven cutting edge web-based technology and architecture that incorporates advanced workflow and image distribution technologies for each unique user from a single integrated database to function in a paperless workflow environment. The high performance system offers members to perform key tasks such as patient registration, scheduling, report generation and distribution with the advantage of centralized storage for both images and patient information.

Pukka-j’s latest Imaging Information Systems (IIS) is a range of products designed to automate workflow for the diagnostic imaging sector. IIS consists of a portfolio of products that can be deployed as either complete stand-alone solutions, or as an existing PACS/RIS accessory, seamlessly integrated with other vendors’ products.

The IIS manages GP referrals, document scanning, exam orders, schedules appointments, generates modality work lists, image reports, review and data distribution for radiology, cardiology, functional imaging and radiotherapy studies.