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Pall Mall Medical PACS Migration

Pukka-j recently relocated the RIS / PACS services at Pall Mall Medical to new hardware at a different site.  Pall Mall Medical were keen to bring the archiving services in-house and redirect all the modalities to the new service.  Due to limited access and network bandwidth where the data was originally located, Pukka-j worked closely with the IT partners at Pall Mall (Ascent Networks) to find a way to move the services whilst minimising the impact to the department.  The process was made simpler because it involved transferring data and services between two Pukka-j systems.

The initial stage was to set up the new services on the new hardware and start to establish connectivity with modalities and external DICOM and HL7 services like teleradiology companies.  In order to move the data, the simplest way was to export it to an encrypted external drive and simply copy the data from the old system to the new one along with all the records in the database.  Importing the database records brought the new system up to date but there was a small delay in the department whilst all the DICOM data was restored.

Peter Charlton, Senior IT Support at Ascent Medical told us “The product and support we receive from Pukka J are second to none. The internal knowledge of the systems allows Pukka J to provide us with quick and efficient support to any issues with have.”

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Radiology Teaching Archive at Queen Margaret University

Pukka-j recently installed a new radiology teaching archive at Queen Margaret University to help the department deliver teaching images to radiography students.

A windows server has been configured with the Pukka-j teaching archive to provide access to example radiology images to students.  The images are being sent to the archive via a Pukka-j Nexus service running in the hospital network with a DICOM connection to the hospital PACS.  The Nexus service has been configured with the anonymisation plug-in such that any identifiable information is removed from the DICOM header of the images as they pass through.  Because of the streaming nature of the Nexus service, the images are not cached locally and pass though the service, being modified as they are transferred.  In addition to the anonymisation plug-in, the Nexus service has been setup with the redaction plugin so as to remove any demographics in the banner from any ultrasound images and also from the report screen captures of the Dexa images.  DICOM SRs also pass through the service and are attached to the study on the teaching archive.  These SRs are reviewed at the university, to remove any information that is not required before being made available as part of the study.  The images show how the Dexa screen captures have the patient information removed during redaction.



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Raigmore Radiotherapy DICOM Archive Migration

Pukka-j recently migrated the existing Radiotherapy DICOM service at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness to new hardware and performed the DICOM migration.  The update was performed as part of a recent upgrade to the CT scanner in the department and involved a replacement of the primary and secondary archive servers, updates to the DICOM services and connectivity with the new equipment being installed in the department.

In order to move the data, Nexus, Pukka-j’s DICOM streaming service was used to rapidly read all the data and reconcile any DICOM files with the entries in the database.  The Nexus service is able to rapidly read data due to it’s multi-threaded processing, which allowed the entire archive to be migrated and reconciled to the new server in just a few days.

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Royal Liverpool University Hospital NHS Trust commissioned Pukka-j to localise PACS data

Royal Liverpool University Hospital NHS Trust commissioned Pukka-j to localise 87 million images. The Royal Liverpool University Hospital is the biggest and busiest hospital in Merseyside. It is part of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust. It currently has over 40 wards, more than 750 beds and has the main accident and emergency department for the city of Liverpool, the largest of its kind in the country, capable of dealing with major trauma and life threatening illness.