Often, the complexity of storage, retrieval and reporting of Nuclear Medicine or PET images means that it is low priority in RIS/PACS terms, especially as it is not yet always compliant with RIS/PACS standards. Pukka-j is able to provide an elegant solution to this problem with a system that allows automatic import of legacy files. ECAT, Hermes, Interfile, MAPS, MICAS and Pegasys, can all be imported and forwarded into DICOM.From a workstation or PACS, the user can Query, Retrieve and view the DICOM version, with the original data being retained as well as the DICOM version. Within the system, the original proprietary files can always be accessed; the DICOM database can be rebuilt as DICOM develops and proprietary file conversion can be reconverted, if required in the future.

The Pukka-J NM Data Store provides a cost-effective, dedicated, robust, on-line Nuclear Medicine or PET archives that store data in proprietary file format. In addition, the user is able to recall proprietary files to the correspondence workstation for re-analysis; stored image data can be viewed independent of the platform and the user is also able to output DICOM files.