Pukka-j’s new Image Distribution Modality Service has been developed to overcome one of the current limitations with radiology-driven PACS, the chief drawback being that it does not easily display fused PET/CT images. Traditionally PET/CT interpretation has required the radiologist to use dedicated separate, specialised workstation software, as most PACS workstations are not designed for displaying nuclear medicine studies and PET/CT studies. The primary challenge for Pukka-j was to design a solution to accommodate the standard methods used by radiologists to view PET/CT images, overcoming the problems created by the integration to PACS, to provide the radiologist with easy access to PET/CT images. Pukka-j rose to this challenge with its Image Distribution Modality Service. A robust, web-based viewing interface, incorporating comprehensive reporting tools such as Image Fusion, triangulation, SUV (Standard Uptake Value) calculations, MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) synchronised scrolling of the PET/CT and configurable colour scales, it enables the radiologist to interpret PET/CT images from any location.