Unique DICOM Explorer added to E.Novation LifeLine portfolio

Capelle aan den IJssel, 12 October 2007
E.Novation LifeLine Networks – the Netherlands’ largest HL7, DICOM and IHE integration specialist – has entered into a collaborative partnership with Britain’s Pukka-J, supplier of DICOM Explorer. This product is a unique universal DICOM viewer that can also be used as a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). As a reseller of this product, E.Novation LifeLine has been able to realise further expansion of its image integration portfolio.
DICOM Explorer is a web technology-based viewer for DICOM images. It also offers extensive support for Nuclear Medical Science, Radiotherapy and Cardiology images. DICOM Explorer can be connected to the existing PACSs of various suppliers and is therefore suitable as a universal viewer for healthcare institutions.
Through utilisation of the archiving module, Pukka-J’s DICOM Explorer can also be used as a complete PACS. In addition to the traditional implementation in the Radiology department, this PACS is highly suitable as a ‘PACS II’, in other words, a structured solution for saving DICOM images from non-radiological departments, and images from departments that do not archive their images in DICOM format as standard. In the latter situation the images are first converted to DICOM. DICOM Explorer is currently successfully implemented at more than 90 healthcare institutions, mainly in Great Britain.
The universal product is a perfect addition to the E.Novation LifeLine portfolio.

DICOM Explorer offers expansive functionality and is compatible with all PACS systems. The unique structure of this product is in line with our pursuit of innovative, scalable and integrable products

says E.Novation LifeLine Deputy Director Ron Meijssen. The manufacturer Pukka-J is also positive about E.Novation LifeLine’s services and products.

In this collaboration we have found ourselves a true integration specialist for the sale and implementation of our solution. E.Novation LifeLine is the only party in the Benelux whose core business is HL7 and DICOM

says Pukka-J Business Development Manager Louise Crossley.
E.Novation LifeLine added Pukka-J’s DICOM Explorer to their integration solutions portfolio immediately.

This collaboration confirms that our HL7 and DICOM knowledge and experience enable us to find the most effective solutions and compile the most complete integration product and service packages for our customers. E.Novation LifeLine is a true one-stop shop for all integration issues in the healthcare sector

says Meijssen.
Pukka-J is already operational in one Dutch hospital. E.Novation LifeLine expects to perform further implementations of DICOM Explorer later this year.