Pukka-j has appointed Neil Thomson  as projects engineer to strengthen the link between the company’s customer care team and its software development team. 

Neil will oversees number of products and projects, ensuring that all parts of the project remain within budget and completed according to plans. Joining Pukka-j from East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust, Neil worked as a medical physicist in the nuclear medicine department with responsibility for image quality, development of software application for image analysis and management of the local nuclear medicine PACS.

Based on years of use in the field, Neil brings with him solid product knowledge as well as development experience.

He holds an MPhys in physics form the University of Surrey and MSc in radiation physics from University College London, and before working as a medical physicist he spent seven years as a nuclear medicine technologist at East Kent Hospitals.

Neil said: “Having worked with the company’s products in a hospital environment, I am enthusiastic about joining Pukka-j. Essentially I see my role as overseeing the various stages of development for a variety of products and projects.

I will have to make sure that all the parts are progressing and that the project itself works as a whole. 

I see myself getting involved in every level of the project, from concept to production and everything in between. With a wide range of different projects on the go at the same time, al at different phases of development,  I am sure that I will find my new job an exciting challenge.”