Pukka-j recently added the Nuclear Information System (NIS) to their portfolio.

“Our constant efforts to keep ahead of the radiology and cardiology imaging workflow demands take up much of Pukka-j’s software development program”
, comments Kevin Wilson, Technical Director, Pukka-j. “However, with the increasing demands of PET CT and SPECT CT here in the UK and abroad, we recognise the nuclear medicine area requires particular tools in order to run an effective service and Pukka-j is committed to developing products focused in this highly specialised market.”

Pukka-j’s Nuclear Information System (NIS) is a response to popular demand by existing customers, already working successfully with the Pukka-j RIS, and also as a result of Nuclear Medicine and PET CT specific workflow, which requires a system to handle multiple procedures against a single patient order.

The NIS user interface features an intelligent combination procedure creator-tool for allowing a range of different imaging procedures to be grouped together and treated as a single but complex event. Editable time gaps can be entered in the NIS to allow patients to be transferred to and prepared for multiple imaging rooms, set by minutes, hours or days. The combined procedure in NIS are linked to enable users to efficiently schedule, reschedule or cancel patient appointments.

The NIS is fully complemented by Pukka-j’s highly proven HL7 engine, which enables seamless integration with all existing healthcare systems.