Pukka-j is able to offer a ready-made solution for encryption and password protection that provides users with a flexible range of products, depending on the throughput of discs required by an organisation. For many years now, the Pukka-j product portfolio has contained encryption, password protection and anonymisation techniques, as essential tools for the user, enabling the confident distribution of discs as and when needed. One of the methods of sharing image data is to export images from a PACS or direct from an imaging modality to a CD or DVD for image-sharing distribution. Due to the recent Government Data Handling Review report, there is a mandatory requirement that all removable media, including CD and DVD containing patient data, must be password protected and encrypted for distribution.

Kevin Wilson, Managing Director of Pukka-j says:

Prior to the roll-out of Virtual Private Networks between Hospital and on-call A&E reporters, Pukka-j very early on utilised data protection methods for safeguarding sensitive details for our systems. This allowed images to be sent outside of the hospital network and across the internet, as the transmission of data across the internet required strict adherence to data security policies. As a company, we have always valued encryption, password protection and anonymisation, as user-essential tools for providing the assurances of data security within our product range.

For organisations requiring a high output of burning images to discs, Pukka-j is able to offer a full range of high-performance Rimage-manufactured publishing devices. The Pukka-j Medical Disk System (MDS) is a fully-integrated range of CD/DVD robots that require no additional PC to drive the process; the system can be connected to an imaging network, allowing the MDS to be accessed from anywhere on the network, and to be easily added as an existing PACS accessory. The Pukka-j system Administrator User Interface allows automatic encryption and password protection for all data being ordered to disks as a default setting, requiring no extra click from the user.