Advance Rules

Pukka-j’s proven Image Management Rules tool allows automated routing of data between imaging devices and computers. Any Advance Rule can be applied to details or tags already available in the original DICOM image header. The field can be generated either by the imaging modality or the Radiology Information System (RIS). For instance, images can be routed based on modality type, body part, referring physician or reporter. A typical example could be “send all acquired CT images from device A to location 1, 2 and 3, except for CT Heads which only need to be sent to location 4.” Pukka-j’s Advance Rules tool can apply multiple rule sets to any one image; therefore, images can be routed back and forth between computers.

DICOM Editor

The Pukka-j DICOM Editor tool allows the editing of either local DICOM objects or objects stored remotely in a Pukka-j DICOM Server. It can be used to edit patient details in DICOM objects imported from other institutions before sending to PACS. It can be used to merge and update patient records that are erroneous or have changed as a result of a legitimate update e.g. a new married name. It can be used to edit study details – procedure, body part examined, Series description and View ID’s for either presentation or post processing requirements. All edits are logged for audit and analysis